Pollard: Kick out HGH cheaters

Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard is rarely at a loss for words, so when asked about the NFL and NFL Players Associations plans to eventually implement testing for human growth hormone, Pollard didn’t mince words.

“If you are out there doing something illegal, you need to be caught and need to be kicked out or whatever the league is trying to do,” Pollard said.

The veteran safety says players need to be careful how they take care of themselves, because their bodies are how they make a living. Pollard even says players should avoid things like alcohol during the season.

“In every sport, you’re gonna have somebody doing something. You’re not gonna get by that. For this sport, this is a violent game – 16 games and four preseason games, which is 20, and the playoffs, you’ve got a lot of banging going on and guys’ bodies are taking a pounding, so guys want to figure out the best way to get your body back,” Pollard said. “But at the end of the day, it’s about being a professional. It’s not about going out there and taking something illegal to speed up the process of recovery, it’s about being smart and keeping liquor and everything else out of your body, especially during the season, so you can recover better.”

Therefore, if the league wants to test, it’s something he welcomes and says players who are playing by the rules should welcome also.

“For us as professionals, we have to know and understand what we have to do. We can’t get caught up in a mess,” Pollard said. “I think if they want to test us, test us. We shouldn’t have to fight a test if we’re doing the right things. We shouldn’t be arguing anything, because if things are done the right way, nobody should have to worry about getting caught for anything.”

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