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Titans-Jaguars play-call analysis

Once again, the numbers for the Titans in their play-call breakdown are bleak.

Chris Johnson did most of his damage on Sunday on first-down carries.

Third down, which has killed the defense all season long, is hurting the offense as well. The numbers from Sunday's loss to Jacksonville bear that out.

The most amazing stat is that 50 of Chris Johnson's 53 yards came on first down with 33 of that coming from the three-receiver set. CJ had just three yards rushing on second and third downs.

Here is how things looked against the Jaguars:

First down

Tennessee ran 19 first-down plays.

--The two-back set was not particularly effective running or passing for the Titans on first down Sunday. Chris Johnson ran just twice, gaining two yards, and Kerry Collins threw two passes – one incompletion and one interception.

--The two tight-end set was not very strong either on first down, as CJ managed 15 yards on five rushes, while Collins was 1 of 2 for 13 yards. The only significance of that was that it was Randy Moss' first catch as a Titan at LP Field.

–Three-wide is where the Titans enjoyed their best performance. Johnson rushed twice for 33 yards, and Collins was 4 of 5 for 35 yards. He was sacked once on first down for a six-yard loss.

Second down

Tennessee ran 14 second-down plays

--In the two-back set, the Titans did not run at all on second down, and the only pass play was an incompletion.

--From the two-tight end formation, Tennessee had two rushes for just two yards on second down, while Collins hit on 4 of 6 throws for 62 yards, plus had a four-yard scramble.

--Tennessee never attempted a second-rush from three-wide and had problems throwing from this formation as well, as Collins hit just 1 of 4 passes for six yards.

Third down

Tennessee ran 11 third-down plays and converted twice

--With fullback Ahmard Hall and Johnson on the field on third down, the Titans ran once for no gain on a third-and-1, and hit 1 of 2 passes for 13 yards.

--The two tight-end set was not used at all on third down Sunday in the run or the pass.

--As usual, the Titans used the three-receiver set to do most of their work on third down, but there were major problems. The lone rushing attempt netted one yard, while Collins hit on just 2 of 7 passes for 33 yards and the final interception.

Fourth down

Tennessee ran three fourth-down plays and converted once

--The Titans converted their only fourth-down try from a two tight end set with Collins going to Jared Cook for the gain.

--Twice, the Titans attempted fourth down passes from the three-wide package, with incomplete passes to Randy Moss and Bo Scaife the result.

Play call tendencies

--First down: Run/pass ratio 9-10. Johnson ran nine times for 50 of his 53 yards on Sunday on first down. Collins was 5 of 9 for 48 yards, but was sacked once for a loss of six yards and threw one interception.

--Second down: Run/pass ratio 2-12. Tennessee ran just twice for two yards. The Titans hit on 5 of 11 passes for 68 yards.

--Third down: Run/pass ratio 2-9. The run game was completely unsuccessful with two carries and just one yard. Passing wasn't much better, as the Titans went 3 of 9 for 46 yards and one interception.

--Fourth down: Run/pass ratio 0-3. The Titans had one pass for 7 yards on their only conversion on fourth down.

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