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Ex-Rutgers stars cut ticket requests

The newness of going back home to play has worn off a bit for former Rutgers stars Kenny Britt and Jason McCourty.

Last year as rookies, both players got a taste of playing before the home folks when the Titans traveled to play the New York Jets at the old Giants Stadium.

Now, as the Titans head back to the Meadowlands, where they will face the Giants in the new facility, both players are paying less attention to the distraction of heading back home.

In fact, it's not even a big deal when it comes to tickets, as both Britt and McCourty say they have only purchased about 10 tickets each for friends and family for the game.

“Last year, I did 45. This year, I'm doing 10. I can't afford 45,” Britt said. “I've got a son this year and another one on the way. I've got to save up some money.”

McCourty said most of his family and friends' attention has shifted to his twin brother Devin, who was a first-round pick by the New England Patriots this year.

“So far I've only got 10 [tickets]. I think all the attention is directed toward Dev this year. Everybody is worried about going up to New England to see him,” McCourty said. “I haven't had that much attention so far. Last year, I had 20-something. I'm looking forward to only having 10. I hope that number doesn't jump up.”

McCourty is looking forward to playing in the new stadium, which has replaced the one he played and Britt played college ball in.

“Just as a fan of football, I think it'll be fun. Last year, we got to play in the Cowboys stadium, and this year just going and getting a chance to see that new Meadowlands Stadium, and me being from there, watching and being at home a little bit and seeing them build it, it's going to be a lot of fun just to go back there and play in it,” McCourty said.

And even though it's a trip home, Britt is trying to treat it like it is just another game.

“Last year, I was really excited to get in the game and do some things and get in the game and make some plays. This year, I'm real calm and focused on what we've got to do this week to get a win,” he said.

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