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CJ wants to add pounds for camp

Chris Johnson has been at Tennessee Titans camp at least four days a week throughout the off-season program, many times attending the work all five days.

Johnson’s contract stipulates a workout bonus, but other than monetary gains, the running back said he feels there have been other benefits to being in Nashville as well.

“I already feel better because I’ve been here and I’m getting in good shape and getting with my teammates and getting in the groove of things,” CJ said.

Last year, of course, Johnson’s celebrated holdout came on the heels of the lockout, and when he finally returned with a $53 million contract extension, he was not the same player, with just over 1,047 yards, the lowest of his career.

“I think it’s gonna feel good and I think I’m gonna have an advantage over last year,” Johnson said.

During the five-week dead period, CJ will take a few days to relax, but will get back to training, including spending a couple of weeks in California running.

He also said he wants to add even more weight. He is at 200 now, after playing at 191 pounds in 2011.

“I at least want to gain a couple of more pounds over this break so if I do lose a couple of pounds in training camp, I’ll at least be the same weight (as now),” Johnson said. “I usually played around 195 or 196, but last year I played at 191. I feel better when I’m in the 197 or 198 range. I feel a little sturdier, and also I can make it through the whole season and the bumps and bruises.”

Johnson, never one to shy away from predictions, wants to get back to the level of play he had in 2009 when he ran for 2,006 yards. But he also wants that to come in a successful team context.

"I want to rush for 2,000 yards again, but I feel like the main goal is to make it to the playoffs and the Super Bowl. But I want to be the first back to rush for 2,000 yards twice and lead the league,” Johnson said.

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