How does Moss fit with Titans?

So exactly what does Randy Moss bring to Tennessee?

Some would say baggage.

But the real reason the Titans put in a waiver claim for Moss is that, if he is happy and productive, he could be the elixir to exactly what has been ailing their running game this season.

Let Chris Johnson explain. After all, he is the key cog in that running game. And while Johnson has produced 721 yards through the first half of the season, those are not the type of numbers that the Titans running game produces when it hits all cylinders.

“You can't play eight in the box if you've got Randy Moss out there on the outside,” Johnson said. “If you've got Randy Moss out there, you just can't play him one-on-one. I feel like Randy will be a great addition to this team and be a great addition to our receiver group and really help us to go deep in the playoffs.”

That means if Moss has to be accounted for by both a safety and a cornerback on each snap he is on the field, then it means there will only be a seven-man box for CJ to run against.

The Titans were beginning to get some of that feel of throwing the football downfield and making teams pay for crowding the box with the breakout game Kenny Britt had against Philadelphia. Britt had seven catches that day for 225 yards and three touchdowns.

But Britt went down Sunday in San Diego with a right hamstring injury that he heard pop, putting him on the shelf for approximately six weeks.

The remaining receivers in the stable have had their moments – Nate Washington had a 71-yard catch for a TD after Britt went down. The Titans are also high on rookie Damian Williams, are pleased with Lavelle Hawkins' recent contributions and have Justin Gage back from an injury.

But none of those players are Moss, who is a Hall of Famer despite his many eccentricities.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our roster. Randy is obviously a Hall of Fame player and has the ability to be a difference maker for our offense,” general manager Mike Reinfeldt said.

The question now becomes exactly how will the Titans use Moss, whom they passed on 12 years ago due to character issues as he entered the draft.

After all, Moss' flare-ups generally have come when he isn't getting the football as often as he feels he should. Anyone who has watched Jeff Fisher's teams over the years knows that his philosophy has often been run first, run second, pass if you must on third down.

Can a player like Moss co-exist in that sort of system? Can Moss be happy with occasional two-catch, 25-yard performances that Titans receivers have become known for over the years?

Will Fisher change his stripes 16 years into his regime to better accommodate a player with Moss' skill set?

And how will Vince Young, mix with Moss? Granted, Moss is not quite the quarterback killer Terrell Owens is, but it be interesting to watch each's reaction the first time Young and Moss aren't on the same page on a route or when a pass is off target.

Young is maturing, he's having a career year through the first half of 2010. But there are times that he can still be fragile and thin-skinned. With Moss around, that part of Young's persona will have to fade into the background for things to mesh.

Titans players happily tweeted Moss' arrival on Wednesday afternoon, believing he can be the answer that forges them to elite status.

They just have to hope there are more answers than questions.

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