CJ finally gets on track in loss

HOUSTON _ If the Tennessee Titans are looking for consolation prizes and parting gifts from their 38-14 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday, perhaps they can take some solace in the fact that questions about the running game will go away for at least a week.

After rushing for just 45 yards in the first three games, Chris Johnson finished the day with 141 yards on 25 rushes for the Titans. The final 50 or so yards came long after the game had been out of hand, but on Sunday, Johnson looked much more decisive when he hit the hole and found some running room.

“It was a pretty good game running the ball. I feel like my offensive line went out there and did a great job from the first snap, getting up on guys and pushing guys back and giving me somewhere to run,” Johnson said. “Like I've been saying all year, I'm gonna be as good as my offensive line.”

Titans coach Mike Munchak said he hoped it was something the Titans can build upon, going forward as they try to dig out of a 1-3 hole.

“We had some good runs,” Munchak said. “We were pushing the line of scrimmage pretty well as far as having room to run. So that is encouraging. That is something that is obviously a positive for us going forward.

Still, it did not translate into.a win, even though many had pointed to the run game's shortcomings as a major issue for Tennessee.

"The whole season, people have wanted to talk about our running game. We ran the ball well today and we still didn't win. It's hard to put your finger on it," receiver Damian Williams said.

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