CJ: We're not close to being good

Chris Johnson was honest in his assessment of the Tennessee Titans on Monday.

After their fourth loss by 20 or more points – 30-7 mashing by the Minnesota Vikings – CJ was asked about the Titans possibly being close for a while in games despite the lopsided scores.

“I don't believe we're close right now. You look at the games and how we're playing, we don't look like a good team. I wouldn't sit here and say we're close,” Johnson said.

Johnson, of course, is one key component in Tennessee's struggles as he ran for just 24 yards on 15 carries. Except for a 141-yard effort against Houston last week, Johnson's run totals have been poor in every game this season.

Johnson, in stating the obvious, says the Titans need someone to give the team a much-needed spark.

“We need somebody in this locker room to make plays and give us a spark,” Johnson said. “I feel like I've made some plays, but the situation of a spark has got to come from somewhere and getting a spark that can be big for this team.”

The Titans play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night, and perhaps that can give them the opportunity to put things behind them quickly on a short week.

“I think you move on. You're forced to move on. They watched the tape of the game yesterday and we moved ahead to Pittsburgh this morning,” Munchak said Monday. “It's another opportunity Thursday to make plays and play better and take advantage of situations we haven't been taking advantage of.

“We know this team. We played them last year, and we play them just about every year. It's gonna be a huge challenge for us, but I think that's what you do. You just kind of refocus.”

Munchak said the Titans won't make wholesale changes just for the sake of change, but said evaluations are ongoing.

“We always do that. That's something that is healthy for any football team to be doing, even when we're winning. Last year, when we were 3-1, we had the same type of meetings,” Munchak said. “There are always different ways to do things, and that includes players opinions. I've been around teams that were 10-0 here a few years ago, and we all still had opinions on whether we should be doing this or doing that, and we hadn't lost a game then. There's no one perfect way to do that, but hopefully, I think we have the people here, between the staff and the players, to do that.

“We haven't shown that in the first five weeks. We know we're responsible for what we're putting out there, and we're the only ones that can fix it.”

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