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Titans sign Stevens to 4-year deal

Tennessee Titans tight end Craig Stevens signed a four-year extension Friday that, according to a league source, is worth around $15 million.

Stevens, according to a first report from TitanInsider's Tipsheet, was the team's top priority this off-season in free agency, as he is a key part of the team's running game and also made the occasional big play in the passing game.

“This is the first deal that has been signed under the new collective bargaining agreement that allows teams to reward their veterans rather than the huge rookie contracts,” Stevens' agent Ken Zuckerman said. “This is the Titans stepping up and rewarding a guy who has been a hard worker and done the right things, and the little things that don't always show up on the stat sheet.”

Stevens had nine receptions this season in Tennessee, but had 166 yards for an 18.4 yards per catch average. He also scored one touchdown for the Titans as a pass receiver.

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