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Cowboys Colombo Fined

The league office has fined Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Marc Colombo $5,000 for his 15-yard unnecessary roughness call in the game against the Titans.

It happened after a run up the middle, by Marion Barber, that ended at the Tennessee 41-yard line midway through the second quarter. The result of that drive would be a Dallas punt.

Colombo was also hit with another 15-yard penalty (unsportsmanlike conduct) in the fourth quarter, after a Cowboys score, that would eventually set-up the game winning touchdown after Marc Mariani's 73-yard return; when Dallas had to kick-off from their own 15 yard line.

The extensive celebration didn't go without some controversy after Sunday's loss to the Titans.

"I was upset because the guy spiked the ball, got off balance and fell down," Head Coach Wade Phillips said after the game. "How that could ever happen and why that's a penalty right there; you're not supposed to go to the ground, he spiked it and he got off balance and fell down."

"You can’t go to the ground—are you sure it was an accident?" Fisher responded on Monday to Phillips claim. "You can’t go to the ground celebrating like that. It was huge—clearly we capitalized on a miscue. That was a huge mistake at that point in the game. They just tied the game, it wasn’t like they just made a play at the end of the game to win."

Marc Colombo was not fined by the league for the celebration penalty.

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