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Morgan does OK in shift to right

When the Tennessee Titans drafted Derrick Morgan, one of the things they were most pleased about with him was that he had the capability to play either defensive end spot.

With William Hayes out for the first two weeks, Morgan backed up Jason Babin on the left side.

With Hayes returning Sunday against the New York Giants, but Jacob Ford on the shelf with a sprained knee and ankle, Morgan did some shifting – over to the right side to back up Dave Ball.

The Titans’ first-round pick was credited with one tackle on Sunday.

“He’s a little more comfortable on the left, but he was very effective. He flashed; he had good pressure on the right, some excellent chase plays,” Titans coach Jeff Fisher said Monday. “He’s unlike a lot of guys that can just play one side or the other, he can play both, but I think he’s a little more comfortable on the left, but it won’t take him much to perfect the right side.”

Hayes, who started 11 games on the left last year, is being eased back into his role in the defensive line rotation. He was not credited with any tackles Sunday.

“He played hard,” Fisher said. “I don’t think he was where he would be had he not had the injury, but he played hard and was effective, he chased, he got quite a few plays, he was a factor in the run game and good pressure in the passing game.”

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