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Locker day-to-day with shoulder

Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker's MRI showed similar results to when he originally separated the shoulder three weeks ago.

The good news for the Titans is that Locker has no structural damage to his left, non-throwing shoulder. The bad news is his availability for Sunday's game in Minnesota is certainly up in the air right now.

Locker left Reliant Stadium with a sling on his left arm after being sacked Houston Texans cornerback Glover Quin in the first quarter of a 38-14 Titans loss.

“It's similar to last time,” Munchak said of Locker, who also left the opener against New England with a similar injury. “The MRI was very similar. It popped out, and they popped it back in. He's real sore right now, so they're just waiting a couple of days to get a full examination.”

After the game, Locker said he should have gotten rid of the football sooner, and Munchak concurred on Monday. The Titans are now in wait-and-see mode with Locker and his shoulder. Munchak said that although rest might be the best solution, it is not necessarily the course of action Locker and the Titans will take.

“Obviously, rest is better than playing football with any injury. Not playing football would be good for all of us, but I don't know that he would sit out for that reason,” Munchak said.

Locker proved to be a quick healer the first time around, even practicing the following week and playing against the San Diego Chargers, though Munchak admitted that the quarterback wasn't quite himself in that second game.

“There's no doubt it affected him after the Patriots game. There's no doubt he wasn't himself in San Diego. He didn't feel like he could do as much as he wanted to, and the Detroit game, he started feeling better again,” Munchak said.

The Titans did get a bit of good news on the injury front as both receiver Kenny Britt and linebacker Colin McCarthy may be able to come back from their respective ankle injuries this week.

“We didn't feel comfortable with where (Britt) was on Saturday. We tried to run him a little bit. To have him go out there and cut wouldn't have been fair to him or the team,” Munchak said of Britt. “Obviously, our hope is that he'd have a good chance to help us this week.

McCarthy has not played since a right ankle injury in the season opener.

“I think McCarthy should be able to go out and practice on Wednesday, and at least do some individual stuff,” Munchak said. “We're more optimistic this week that he'll have a shot.”

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