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Locker weighs in on Munchak firing

Happier times: Jake Locker with Mike Munchak at the QB's introductory press conference three years ago.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker weighed in on Saturday's firing of Coach Mike Munchak on Sunday.

Locker sent a text message to TitanInsider expressing his regrets that Munchak had been fired, but was also optimistic that general manager Ruston Webster and CEO Tommy Smith would find a quality replacement.

Locker's text said, "disappointed to see him go. He was the coach that drafted me and have a lot respect for him as a coach and a person. Wish him the best going forward. I know the front office will go out and find a great coach to take over.”
The two were tied together in that Munchak took over as head coach in 2011, when the Titans took Locker with the eighth overall pick in the draft that year.

With Munchak now gone, the question becomes what the future holds for Locker, who has missed 14 of a possible 32 games since becoming the starter over Matt Hasselbeck in preseason in 2012.

Webster said Saturday at the press conference regarding Munchak's firing that he is still hopeful that Locker can succeed and that whoever the new coach coming in should have a plan to complete what has already been started the past couple of seasons. Presumably that includes the plan for Locker to be the quarterback at least initially in 2014, though the Titans could still draft or sign another signal-caller in the off-season after a coach is in place.

“I’m a fan of Jake’s and would love to see him have success here,” Webster said. “I think the important thing is that that coach has a plan for success and to move ahead and to build the team and to continue to build off what we already have here. One of the biggest things when you ask me about coaches is that they do have a plan moving forward.”

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