Scott takes issue with HGH testing

The news that the new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players would include testing for HGH, was met with skepticism by Tennessee Titans player rep Jake Scott, who termed the process “a witch hunt.”

Scott said that currently only one company claims to be able to test for human growth hormone and that the company is in the business of making a profit and he questioned both their motives and the reliability of their test.

“(The owners have) wanted that all along, clear back to February or March, to do HGH testing. That's a no-go for us. If they're still holding to that, I can see that being a problem,” Scott said. “There's only one test, and it's a hoax. We're not going for that. We're not going to turn this into a witch hunt for some independent company to make profits off of. We're not gonna do that to our players.”

News broke that the NFL would include HGH testing in the newest collective bargaining agreement that was ratified on Thursday afternoon, with some reports saying the system could be in place by the opening of the regular season. Scott isn't buying that it can be in place and satisfactory by that point.

“Unless somebody comes up with a more reliable test than the one that's out there right now in the next couple of months, I doubt it. But you never know. Anything could happen,” he said.

Scott said the simple fact that a company is testing for HGH and is in the business of making a profit doing raises some red flags in his mind.

“I would question the motives of any company that is testing for profit, that is operating a for-profit business. Their incentive is to catch people,” Scott said. “That's their incentive – is to catch people, and if they don't catch anybody, nobody thinks their tests works. There's a conflict of interest there.”

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