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Ringer holds out hope of return

Running back Javon Ringer is holding out hope that his season might not be over.

Ringer underwent surgery on his broken hand on Tuesday to have a plate placed in the hand. He was wearing a cast on Thursday, which he is scheduled to get taken off Monday.

“It kind of sucks, but I'm just kind of dealing with it right now. It's my hand right behind my ring finger. I had my surgery. I've got to keep this on till Monday, and then I get this off Monday,” Ringer said.

There were discussions of putting Ringer on injured reserve and adding another running back to the roster, but the Titans will wait at least one more week before making any decision.

“I'm just leaving it up to the coaches and trainers and God. I'll just have to see what it's at and hope for the best,” Ringer said. “They haven't given me a direct yet or a direct no. I know they've spoken to me a little bit about it, but no moves have been made yet. I'm kind of in limbo right now.”

The Titans have rookie Jamie Harper, but fullback Ahmard Hall may be used as a change of pace back as well in the offense.

“That's a high possibility because we go into this game with three backs,” Hall said. “I'm excited to get an opportunity to actually carry the ball.”
Offensive coordinator Chris Palmer is certainly open to having Hall do more with the ball in his hands.

“He's a very gifted guy, and we have several deals that are working with him. Ahmard is a very talented player and we can take an use him accordingly. With Ringer going down, we are certainly going to have to expand his role,” Palmer said.

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