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Fisher: No regrets over Moss pickup

If he had it to do over again, Jeff Fisher said Monday that Randy Moss would indeed be a Tennessee Titan.

Moss has been mostly a non-factor since he was claimed off waivers Nov. 3 from Minnesota. He has five catches for 62 yards, has not had a pass thrown his way the past two games, and played fewer than 10 snaps in Sunday's 31-17 win over Houston, but Fisher did not deviate from saying the addition of the future Hall of Fame receiver has been a positive move.

“It was not a mistake whatsoever. If I had to do it again, of course, I would do it,” Fisher said. “Randy has been great for his team. The numbers aren't great, the production is not there right now, the play time is not there, because Kenny (Britt) is coming back. But Randy is a great teammate. He works with the young guys and has fun, and it's great to have him around. We've really enjoyed him.”

Since the return of Kenny Britt from a hamstring injury two games ago, Moss' playing time had dwindled to a cameo role, but Fisher said the 13-year veteran has handled his situation very well.

“He, by no means, has been anything but great and understanding and understands where we are, and he knew when he came in the kind of player Kenny was, and he's been a really good influence on Kenny here of late. I think he gets satisfaction of seeing Kenny be productive,” Fisher said.

Moss has seemingly fit in nicely in the locker room and on the practice field, always joking with players and keeping the mood light-hearted at times.

“He's bought into what we're doing. He's a pro, and he's been a great influence in the locker room for us,” Fisher said.

As for Moss' production, Fisher said he is certain that Moss has some frustration over his lack of playing time and production, but has understood the situation.

“I'm sure he does. Everybody would like to have 10 catches for 200 yards, and he's had such great games and such a great career, but it just hasn't worked out that way.” Fisher said.

Fisher also did he does not buy that the 33-year-old receiver has lost some of his abilities over the years.

“He was getting rotation early in the first two or three weeks, and we had some opportunities in the Washington game that we were unable to capitalize on,” Fisher said. “He's practicing fine. He's making plays (in practice). You see him make plays and run by people on the practice field. It just hasn't happened (in games).”

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