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Fisher unaware what happened

Titans coach Jeff Fisher took the podium for his weekly press conference on Monday, knowing the Chuck Cecil questions would be coming from the media.

After all, Cecil made national headlines in the wrong way when television cameras caught him making an obscene gesture toward game officials in Sunday's 26-20 loss to the Denver Broncos.

“I’m speaking on behalf of the organization, that kind of conduct on the sideline—anyplace for that matter, is inappropriate.”

While the defensive players after the game, in the locker room, thought it was funny what their defensive coordinator had done, it’s apparent the league and the head coach differed from that opinion, with the NFL fining Cecil $40,000 and Fisher saying he had a discussion on the matter with his assistant coach. Cecil did manage to avoid any suspension.

“I’ve discussed it with Chuck. It was a heat-of-the-battle thing, clearly Chuck’s an emotional individual. He got frustrated and he understands that he’s got to maintain his composure,” Fisher said.

Fisher did admit that he didn’t see the “one-finger salute” during live action. In fact, he said he found out in his car, on the ride home.

“I had a discussion with him last night and that’s between he and I. We’re done, we’ve moved on. The league has taken swift and appropriate action and we’ve moved on. We’ll learn from it,” Fisher added.

Or the next time, a suspension might be in the cards.

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