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Cops aim to ask Britt about gunshot

Jersey City Police are interviewing Kenny Britt’s girlfriend right now, but are still looking for the Tennessee Titans wide receiver to question him regarding what happened Sunday morning when Britt took a friend to a hospital with a stab wound.

A short time later when Britt returned to pick up his girlfriend from where the stabbing allegedly happened, a gun shot was fired.

Captain Edgar Martinez told TitanInsider that Britt still had not come in and that police are looking for him in regards to questioning.

When asked if Britt was a suspect, Martinez said, “Britt is not a suspect in the stabbing, but he was there when everything transpired.”

When asked about the gunshot that was fired nearby after he picked up his girlfriend from the apartment, Martinez said, “That’s what we want to talk to him about.”

Thus far, Britt has not come in for his interview.

“He still hasn’t come in, and we’re still looking for him,” Martinez said. “We’re looking to interview him. We are interviewing his girlfriend, who is pregnant, right now and interviewing the other witnesses around the area.

“We need him to come in. We’d like to wrap this up as quickly as possible. We’re waiting for him. He’s one of the last people we need to interview. We need to speak to him about what transpired.”

Britt released a statement through and unnamed spokesman that read: "Kenny was leaving a dinner cooked by his friends' parents when he found his friend, who had left earlier, injured outside. Kenny immediately brought his friend to the hospital and was there with the injured friend's family for several hours, but was not otherwise involved in the incident. It was not a house party, Kenny's brother was not injured (and wasn't even there) and Kenny has made himself available to cooperate with the authorities investigation of this matter."

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