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Britt met with police on Tuesday

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt finally met with Jersey City Police on Tuesday and answered questions with his attorney present regarding an early Sunday morning stabbing and shooting in which Britt wound up driving a stabbed friend to the hospital.

Captain Edgar Martinez confirmed to TitanInsider that Britt met with his department on Tuesday afternoon, but would not comment any further, citing the case as an “on-going investigation.”

Britt took a friend to the hospital early Sunday morning following the friend being stabbed at a party, and a short time later, Britt returned to the house to pick up a woman police termed as his “girlfriend.” A short time after that, a shot was fired into the apartment where the initial fight had occurred.

Britt did not speak to police at the hospital, and authorities had said he was reluctant to cooperate as they wanted to question him in the matter. They questioned a number of other witnesses, including the woman on Monday.

After several pleas from police to have him come in for questioning, Britt finally showed up and gave his side of what transpired on Tuesday in the presence of his lawyer.

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