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Britt's Instagram bemoans fine

Britt posted the above image of the fine letter from the Titans on Wednesday. (Kenny Britt/Instagram)

On the day that Kenny Britt spoke to the media, he probably spoke a little too much through social media on Tuesday.

Britt, using the handle "KennyBritt18" apparently sent out an Instagram showing a photograph of a fine he received from the Tennessee Titans on Tuesday for missing a mandatory rehab session.

The Instagram read "Yu gotta be f**king kidding me..Walk back to dis..Don't dey know I have kids..I'm tired of dis (expletive)" and showed the fine in the amount of $9,915 and what it was for.

Britt is already in hot water with the league, as Commissioner Roger Goodell, whom he met with Monday, could be suspending him for a DUI arrest last month at Fort Campbell, Ky.

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