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Collins comes through as fill-in starter

By Friday, Kerry Collins suspected he would start against Philadelphia in place of Vince Young.

And while Collins' first start in 17 games was rocky at first with a 0.0 first-quarter passer rating, it was how Collins ended that counted most. The 16-year veteran wound up hitting on 17 of 31 passes for 276 yards and three scores.

“You’ve got to keep playing,” Collins said after the game. “That is part of playing quarterback in the NFL;  there are going to be some bad throws, but you keep saying to yourself to try to keep making good decisions.”

Certainly one decision that comes to mind would be finding Britt as fast and often as possible, a decision that would prove to be a good one. Britt caught seven passes for 225 yards and all three of Collins' scores.

“Kenny is a great player,” Collins added. “He had some stuff going on off the field this week, but he was able to put it behind him and come out and play a heck of a ballgame.”

The “stuff” going on happened to be a nightclub incident early Friday morning where Britt allegedly joined in on an altercation between two men. No arrests were made or charges yet filed, but most wondered if Britt would even touch the field on Sunday against the Eagles.

“We needed him and he showed up big for us tonight,” Collins said of his new favorite target.

Britt knew that Collins would be fine filling in for Young on Sunday.

“The old man told me one day that when you hear a couple of clicks in your shoulder you know you are ready to go out there and play,” Britt said of his quarterback on Sunday. “I guess he felt that in his shoulder the first couple of quarters and he threw the ball well today.”

Collins hit Britt for two of three touchdown passes (80 and 16 yards) as part of a 27-point fourth quarter.

“Kerry is awesome; we know Kerry is a leader on the team and anytime he gets an opportunity, he always comes through for us,” fullback Ahmard Hall added.

With a bye week looming after next week’s game in San Diego, one could make the case that the elder statesman may have another start in him heading into the break as Young nurses his sore knee and ankle.

Whether that happens or not, with his work on Sunday and coming off the bench last Monday night in Jacksonville, Collins proved he is still quite capable of getting the job done when called upon.

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