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Titans add Moore as consultant

The Tennessee Titans have hired veteran offensive coordinator and assistant coach Tom Moore as a staff consultant.

Coach Mike Munchak reached out to Moore on Tuesday, a day after he replaced offensive coordinator Chris Palmer with quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains.

With Loggains, a first-time play-caller, now running the offense, the 74-year-old Moore will help out not only to keep Loggains from being spread too thin in the quarterbacks room and as the OC, but also to serve as a mentor.

“You want someone to be with the quarterbacks when (Dowell) can’t be, kind of be where he can’t be. During the day or out here at practice while he was talking to you all today, Tom was out there with them working on some pre-practice drills with the quarterbacks,” Munchak said. “I think that’s the thinking there of how Tom can be a help to him and a resource for him and a resource for the staff, in general. For a guy that’s been part of 38 years in the NFL, part of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he’s been part of every type of offense—two-back, with Barry Sanders in Detroit, when there were three wides with a running game like that, and obviously the last so-many years in Indianapolis with their type of offense. A lot of resources for a lot of our coaches, and we just thought that because we did need an extra hand right now because of the adjustment we made, he was a great fit for that.”

Moore is best known, of course, for being the offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts for the vast majority of Peyton Manning’s tenure there. When Munchak was first hired in Tennessee as head coach last year, he tried to hire Moore as the offensive coordinator. But the veteran coach did not want to give up retirement to work full-time again in the league. He later accepted a consultant’s role with the New York Jets.

On Thursday, Moore spent time working in individual settings with quarterback Jake Locker and also with several of the Titans receivers on timing and preciseness.

Munchak wouldn’t say how long Moore would be on board, but indications are he could be here for the remainder of the season. He was wearing a Titans sweatshirt during Thursday’s practice.

“We just got started, it was his first day getting a chance to meet the players on the offensive side of the ball and kind of get a feel for what we’re doing. We’ll just take it that way day-by-day, and he’ll be here, and I think he’ll be a big help to all of us,” Munchak said.

Moore won’t have an official title, but apparently will work with the passing game and the quarterbacks to fill in, teach and offer advice.

“He’s got a lot of things he can add to some thoughts on the receiving game, the passing game. He’s got a lot of experience in general. No real title, just going to be here to help us as an offensive assistant,” Munchak said. “I don’t think we’ll ever actually have a title or anything like that. I think it was more of a spur of the moment, figuring out, for me, what we thought we needed. I didn’t want to overwhelm any of our coaches, or to ask Dowell to do all of that work and then call the game and then coach the quarterbacks and then do this and do that, and do scripts. It’s a lot of work, so we thought if we had someone else here that could help in certain areas, that would help. I thought of Tom (Moore) and gave him a call.”

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