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Fokou: Chargers tried to break arm

Tennessee Titans middle linebacker Moise Fokou said Wednesday that the reason he got a personal foul penalty Sunday was because a San Diego Chargers player was apparently trying to snap his arm.

Though Fokou did not reveal the player, he retaliated and drew a 15-yard penalty on the play. Replays of the play showed that Fokou retaliated against Chargers right guard Jeromey Clary.

“They were trying to put my arm in a blender,” Fokou said. "That's what they were trying to do. It was kind of like a fight or flight kind of feeling, just mano-a-mano, survival of the fittest. I felt that my arm was in a compromising position and when I got up my first instinct was to kind of defend myself, right, wrong or indifferent. That's just how I felt.”

Talk of Fokou's retaliation first came to light on 102.5 The Game in an interview given by teammate Bernard Pollard, who was asked about the Titans number penalties in Sunday's game and the fines the team has gotten thus far this year.

“We're very conscious of the safety factor. We had a guy try to break our linebacker's arm, blatant as all get out,” Pollard told the station. “When you've got guys aiming for head shots and things like that, we want those guys suspended.

“But when the refs see a head snap, they just throw the flag because they think he must have hit him in the head.”

Thus far, Fokou has not heard from the NFL regarding being fined for this penalty. But if he does, he said he would immediately appeal.

“Hopefully, I don't hear from there. But knowing them, I'll probably get some kind of punishment for it. If I do, I'll definitely appeal it and see how that goes,” Fokou said.

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