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Draft experts' take: C. Kaepernick

One of the sleeper quarterbacks in the 2011 draft is Nevada's Colin Kaepernick.

There are all sorts of opinions on Kaepernick, but the consensus seems to be that Kaepernick has a chance to be a decent NFL quarterback if a team is patient enough to allow him two or three years to grow into the role.

The Titans are believed to have some interest in the Nevada quarterback and met with him at the Combine. A visit and/or workout could be forthcoming as well.

The Titans want a developmental quarterback, and might wait till the second or third round to take one. The question is how much time are they willing to commit to whatever veteran is in front of him to give Kaepernick the time to figure things out.

Here are the draft experts _ Dan Shonka of, Rob Rang of NFL DraftScout and Tony Pauline of _ feelings on Kaepernick.

Dan Shonka's take on Kaepernick:

You talk about a guy that's fun to work with, he's a tremendous athlete, who has good size. You don't really worry about changing his delivery. He can get that ball out there. You've seen Kerry Collins' delivery, and everybody complained about that when Kerry came out, and Kaepernick's delivery is probably better than Collins' is.

Kaepernick has good presence in the pocket and can slide away from pressure. He's got good mobility and can throw the deep ball. He is definitely a guy worth working with and developing as a quarterback, because he has a lot of tools. Kaepernick, (Ricky) Stanzi, (Christian) Ponder, you know those guys are going to be working the facility to study and to get better. I could see him in the second or third round.

Rob Rang's take on Kaepernick:

He has a monster arm. The problem with him is that he's very similar to Ryan Mallett in build. He's a long, lanky kid with a big arm. And whereas Mallett has an over-the-top delivery, Kaepernick throws the football like he's a baseball pitcher. He has kind of a three-quarters delivery that slows down his delivery a little bit.

Some teams love him and they throw all that stuff out the window, and there are others out there that believe he's a real work in progress. He's a guy that is intriguing, but there is the believe that he might be a year or two away from really contributing as a quarterback.

Tony Pauline's take on Kaepernick:

Colin Kaepernick is a guy who could be a real good quarterback at next level. He has the size and a frame to add bulk, but most importantly, he's got a lot going on between the ears. Even though he was in a run-first offense, he made good decisions and didn't force throws.

For a running quarterback, he was almost too patient and held the ball too long, which is an anomaly for that type of passer. He showed ability at the senor bowl and showed incredible pass placement. The thing about him is he has a bit of a funky delivery that saps him of some arm strength and on the deep pass. You're going to have to be able to change that delivery without changing his accuracy and his pass placement.

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