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Palmer will find room for all WRs

When Chris Palmer brought up that rookie first-round pick Kendall Wright was learning the X receiver position first – the spot Kenny Britt plays - the collective antennae of Tennessee Titans fans probably went on high alert.

No sooner had that little nugget been spoken by Palmer and tweeted out by media members did thoughts turn to the old dilemma of Jeff Fisher’s feeble excuse of not being able to play Kenny Britt and Randy Moss together in 2010 because both played the X receiver position in the offense.

Well, Palmer says not to worry, that if Britt, currently recovering from his second knee procedure, Wright and 1,000-yard receiver Nate Washington are all healthy and ready to go, he will find a way to get them on the field together in certain packages, regardless of a X, Y, Z or L,M,N,O, P positions.

"I promise you if Kenny Britt, Kendall Wright and Nate Washington are all healthy, then we will find a way to get them on the field together," Palmer said.

Palmer explained that certain packages and plays are designed of each of the Titans receivers. For instance, if a certain player runs an out route better than an underneath pattern, then the play call will try to get that player in a position where he can have his best chance to succeed – no matter if it is Britt, Wright or even backup Lavelle Hawkins.

The fact that Wright is learning the X position is typical for most rookies, and learning one position and mastering the concept of that first before moving on to multiple positions is the way Palmer prefers his players learn.

"You have to make a decision when you bring in a guy if you're going to let him learn one position," offensive coordinator Chris Palmer said. "If you don't put him in one position, and you put him in two positions, then he loses confidence and loses his ability to perform.

"We've put him at the X position and that's the position Kenny Britt plays. He'll grow from that position into playing other positions."
Palmer cited former Giants receiver Mario Manningham who played sparingly as a rookie because the team put too much on his plate too soon. He said he is making sure not to do that with Wright or any of his Titans receivers.

"The playbook has expanded from last year, but when it gets closer to the season, it'll shrink down to what we can handle," Palmer said.

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