Campbell turns up practice heat

Rookie Tommie Campbell was certainly in a chippy mood during Thursday's practice, getting into two separate shoving matches with receiver Nate Washington and also had a couple of interesting exchanges with receiver Marc Mariani.

After the second of his encounters with Washington, the cornerback was moved to the sideline for the remainder of practice.

Shortly after the first of his altercations with Washington, Mariani went across the middle and Campbell slung him down as he went by. A couple of plays later, Mariani blocked Campbell hard on a play as an equalizer.

“I was just playing football, nothing more and nothing less than that,” Campbell said. “Nate knows I love him. Nate is like a brother to me, and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me. We hit each other almost every day in practice. It's over with. Nate knows I have nothing but the utmost respect for him, and I'm going to continue to go up against him every day in practice and try to get my game better.”

Likewise, he said the same thing goes for Mariani.

“Me and Marc are cool. I block for Marc on punt return every Sunday, and I tell Marc, 'Follow 3-7.'”

Campbell wears jersey No. 37.

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