Delanie Walker rants about loss

Delanie Walker was visibly upset following the Titans' 29-27 loss to the previously winless Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

Here are Walker's post-game comments to TitanInsider.

(On the loss)

“We were supposed to come in here and take care of business. The Colts lost to the Rams. We came in here and played like we were the Jaguars, and they were us. The role was flipped. It didn't make no sense, how we came out and played. We don't make mistakes like that early in the game. We gave them opportunities to win this game and they took advantage of it.
“It's disgusting. I'm disappointed. I'm embarrassed. A team that's 0-8 comes in here and beats us? Beats us on our home field, that's 0-8? The Jaguars? Come on.

(On the Colts losing and missing a chance to play for the AFC South lead Thursday night)

“Talking about first place? Talking about first place? We just got whooped by the Jaguars. We ain't talking first place no more. It's out the window. We've got to come back and play the Colts. I don't know how everybody's gonna handle it. I mean, we lost to the Jaguars.”

(On the Titans' penchant for losing to bad teams and going forward)

“It's gonna be big. We've got to see who wants it. We talk a lot, but play. Show it. The talking don't do anything. The biggest kid can talk all he wants, until he gets punched in the mouth. And that's what happened. I don't know. They've got to show up. I'm not used to that. I don't even know how to feel. I mean we lost to the Jaguars. It still hasn't really hit me. I don't know what we've got to do to turn that around. I wasn't here in the past. I don't know how things work here, but guys better bring it. We've got practice tomorrow and people better bring it or they're gonna get called out.”

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