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Adams: Can't keep losing like this

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams certainly wasn't happy with Sunday's 55-7 drubbing by the Green Bay Packers, and he says he wants to sit down with the team's brass immediately after next week's finale against Jacksonville to discuss the organization's problems.

“I want to get into it a soon as the season is over with and that's one more game,” Adams told TitanInsider.

The Titans coaches and front office can expect a sitdown session with Adams shortly after next week's finale at LP Field against the Jaguars. The Titans dipped to 5-10 on Sunday and once again were out of the game early as quarterback Jake Locker struggled to find any rhythm, and the defense turned in a terrible performance

“Watching that thing all day long, I couldn't believe that we couldn't get something going to score, but it just wasn't possible to do it,” Adams said by phone from his home in Houston.

Adams said he wasn't ready to make any sort of decision on the future of Coach Mike Munchak or any of the staff, but he said, “We can't keep losing games like we lost today, and I mean it. We've played some good games and looked pretty good at times. But we just need to sit down and go over everything, which I'm not making any decision now. I have to sit down with them and get their views and their points on things and go from there. I'll be talking with them as soon as the season is over with, so we can see what it looks like down there.”

Adams said he understands that the Titans are wracked with injuries and up against a top team in the Packers, but that such a beating is still unacceptable in his mind.

Asked what he thought was the problem with the Titans, Adams said, “I wish I knew. We don't want to do like what we're doing today. We didn't score points today. We've got a couple of guys hurt too and that hurt us, but we just have to get together and go over everything.

“I want to see what they think and see what the staff can do about the system and what we have to do to clear it up and all that sort of thing. I wouldn't want to do anything until I can sit down and get their thoughts on this thing as far as what's wrong. And see what is the problem.”

While Adams stopped short of saying that he was cleaning house, the soon to be 90-year-old owner wants assurances that the Titans will put a more competitive product on the field next season. Seven times this season, the Titans have lost by at least two touchdowns.

“I'll be coming up there for this last game, and I told all the staff there that we weren't going to do anything about personnel until after the season," Adams said. “If we're gonna end up next year the same way, I'm not gonna be very happy. We've got to do something to make this thing work. We're the low team on the scoreboard, and that's no fun. If we're gonna lose like this, a lot of our customers aren't going to stay with us. ...We just have to get into it and find out what is the answer to the problem and what we need to do and get on to that.”

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