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Babineaux eager for family reunion

The Babineaux rivalry will be renewed this Sunday in Atlanta.

Brothers Jordan and Jonathan will meet for the fourth time in their NFL careers when the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons square off on Sunday in the Georgia Dome.

“This is bout No. 4. He's won two of the three,” Jordan said after the Titans' practice on Wednesday.

They met last year when Jordan was with the Seattle Seahawks, and both players made an impact on the game.

Jordan had an interception against Matt Ryan, and then Jonathan one-upped him by recovering a fumble for a touchdown.

“It's going to be exciting to see him operate out there,” Jordan said. “I'll try to pinch him and see if I can leak a few secrets out of him. Last year, they came up to Seattle and I got an interception against Matt Ryan, and the following series, he got a fumble for a touchdown.”

The biggest oddity in the two brothers, who are just 10 months apart in age and graduate high school together in Port Arthur, Texas., is their size. Jordan is a 6-0, 210-pound safety, while Jonathan is a 6-2, 300-pound defensive tackle.

“Really I ate more than he did. It's hereditary no doubt. I got the skill set, he got the size,” Jordan said. “But for a big guy (he had skills). In high school, he was our fullback and linebacker and he was our punter.”

This week, Jordan has one other thing that he cans smile about in regards to the family reunion. Jonathan will be footing the bill since the game is in Atlanta. Last year, Jordan was on the hook for the expenses in Seattle.

“I'm happy because I get to keep my credit card in my wallet this week. He's hosting the family, so he's taking care of the expenses,” he said.

The two brothers are actually very close and even have a movie production company together, called, what else, Two Brothers Production Co.

“It's doing really well. We've got a few DVDs, and we're working on our movie. Our movie is in post-production right now, and we're looking forward to the release of that sometime in April. We have a partnership with Universal and Code Black Entertainment. ... I'm looking forward to see what the final product is going to look like,” Jordan said.

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