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Palmer challenges Damian Williams

Tennessee Titans receiver Damian Williams got a little friendly reminder from offensive coordinator Chris Palmer about what is expected from him after the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“He and I had a little issue during the game. I need to push him a little bit more. I think he is responding very, very well,” Palmer said. “He's caught his first two touchdowns. But I did have to get after him a little bit, but he understands why I had to get after him, because my expectations are much higher than his.”

Palmer said it stemmed from a deep route there Williams was, in Palmer's determination, not going all out on the route.

“I think receivers have to have stamina to be able to run all day,” Palmer said. “Damian told me that, 'I can beat this guy deep,' and so we let him go deep, and he's got it on cruise control, which really gets my blood pressure up.

“I told him if I die, I told my wife to sue you because you gave me a heart attack. He got the message and the one he caught for a touchdown is the type of play we expect from him.”

Williams, who has caught touchdown passes in each of his two starts since Kenny Britt was lost for the year with a knee injury, got the message loud and clear.

“He was just letting me know that he sees potential, and that I at times am not playing to my potential, and that he expects more from me, and that's understandable,” William said. “We talked about. Obviously, a lot of times when you have a game where you've done better than normal, but you don't improve, you get complacent. He doesn't want that from me. He wants to stay on me and make sure I'm giving 100 percent all the time.”

No one is expecting Williams to produce like Britt did, but the Titans do need Williams to become more of a consistent playmaker with the increased reps he will now get. He has nine catches for 94 yards this season.

“I can see where he's coming from. We're on the same page. He told what me expects, and I told him what I got and what I'm going to give him and we're on the same page,” Williams said.

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