Hayes wants clarification of fine

Tennessee Titans defensive end William Hayes is not happy about the $15,000 fine he received from the NFL for his hit Sunday on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

In fact, he wants a clarification as to exactly what is legal when it comes to contact with quarterbacks.

“I don't understand the rules of the NFL a little bit right now. I'm planning to appeal it. I'm trying to go through the appeals process right now. I'm trying to figure out how you hit a quarterback now,” Hayes said. “I thought it was clean.”

Hayes landed on an off-balance Ryan who threw the ball away, and was fined for apparently putting his weight onto Ryan. He was also penalized 15 yards on the play. That's an accusation Hayes denied on Sunday and again this week.

“I intentionally threw my weight to the side to try not to hurt him or too much pressure on him. It definitely wasn't late, but saying I put too much weight to him – I weigh 270 pounds,” Hayes said. “When I hit him, I intentionally threw my weight to the side. If just my chest falling on him is too much, I don't know, if I get close, I might just push him, and then I might get a hands to the face or some (expletive) like that.”

Hayes said he was fined one other time for hitting a quarterback in his career – that one for a late hit, a fine he understood. But not this one.

“There was just one dealing with the quarterback and I understood that one. It was a late hit. But too much body weight on the quarterback? That (expletive) is crazy and I don't understand it a little bit. Can you explain to me how you're supposed to hit a quarterback?” Hayes said.

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