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Titans meet with Finnegan's agent

INDIANAPOLIS _ The meeting between Tennessee Titans general manager Ruston Webster, vice president of football operations Vin Marino and the agent for Cortland Finnegan was described as a "good visit."

The Titans' brass had been scheduled to visit with Terry Watson, who represents Finnegan here at the NFL Combine, as they try to bridge the gap between the cornerback's contract demands and the Titans' offer of $28 million back last August that triggered a weekend walkout of training camp.

Whether the meeting causes talks between the two sides to heat up remains to be seen. Finnegan is believed to be wanting a deal that starts somewhere around $9.5 million per season on average. The Titans are not believed to have made an offer in Friday's meeting.

The Titans are not likely to franchise the cornerback as that would cost $10.6 million in base salary, though it remains a possibility.

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