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Titans keeping score with Britt

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has definitely made some great plays in his short career in Music City. He has also made some bonehead decisions off the field.

Britt was stopped and charged with DUI while at Fort Campbell last week. And once again the bad of Britt has popped up again. A guy with so much promise has once again fallen into the traps of trouble. His knee surgeries and landing on the PUP list to start camp are the least of his problems.

Britt is a talented player. He is blessed tremendously with great size at 6-3 and tremendous ability. He has had some spectacular moments as a Titan.
Who can forget the game Kenny had against the Eagles in 2010 where he had seven catches for 225 receiving yards and three touchdowns? The excitement built throughout the game and electrified LP Field with each big play Britt made that day.

But with all of that, people tend to forget that he was in a club incident heading right up to the start of the game, and no one was sure that he would even play. Then-Titans coach Jeff Fisher elected to sit Britt in the first quarter of that game. So, the question remains, is he worth the trouble?

This latest arrest makes eight arrests since he has been in the NFL. Britt should be starring for the team at this point. But, instead, it seems like injuries and trouble just continue to hinder him. Eventually, it will be time to make a decision. And if the eight arrests and the past ghosts of Adam “Pacman” Jones have taught us anything, it could be time to at least start considering moving forward without Britt.

It seems that with the recent draft of rookie wide receiver Kendall Wright, the Titans are at least preparing for that possibility. Wright, who is an explosive player in is own right, set receiving records while helping the Baylor Bears become a football team to reckon with in the state of Texas.
Wright is also a solid character guy. He shows signs early that eventually he will become a mainstay on this team and become one of its leaders.

It would be great for the Titans if Wright and Britt would star together, but you would be crazy to think the Titans have not thought about what Wright could do if Britt is unavailable.

As it stands right now, Britt more than likely will be getting a call from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. And in that call, he will more than likely summon Britt to his office in New York, where a suspension probably awaits.

Even if the suspension is for as little as two games, those two games could be the difference between the playoffs and sitting at home. Kenny Britt, you have to be better than this. Your team needs you on the field, not in jail or Goodell’s doghouse.

But from all of this and from the draft, don’t be surprised if the Titans begin getting plans together to move on with or without Britt. The decision is up to Britt if he is able to get it together. And the other decision is up to the Titans as to if they want to continue to believe that Britt will get it together off the field and produce on it.

The Titans are not likely to cut Britt over his latest slip-up. Too many rival teams would be lined up to take a low-risk shot on high-talent receiver if they did. But you can bet the Titans’ front office is keeping score on whether or not to extend Britt’s contract after the 2013 season. And last week, just put another big mark in the minus column.

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