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Titans want healthier, wiser Locker

INDIANAPOLIS _ Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker should be able to return by the team's June mini-camp, according to general manager Ruston Webster.

Locker had surgery in January to repair the separated left shoulder he injured at least twice during the 2012 season and in in the process of recovering, according to general manager Ruston Webster.

Once Locker is back, not only with the Titans be doing things to tailor the offense more toward his liking, but they will also be cautioning Locker to protect himself and trying improve the offensive line in order to better take care of their quarterback.

“There are times I wish he'd do a better job protecting himself for sure. That is not his nature, as you guys know. But that is something we are working on. Also, if we can help him offensive line-wise, run game-wise, that might keep him healthy as well,” Webster said.

Locker originally separated his shoulder while trying to make a tackle in the season opener against the New England Patriots following a Titans turnover.

“I think he did learn. He doesn't have to necessarily have to turn into a free safety when the ball gets picked off or a fumble gets picked up,” Webster said. “But you saw him as the year went on ' and he was banged up ' protecting himself a little more. But we have to do our part protecting him as well.”

Webster reiterated at the Combine what he had told TitanInsider earlier in the off-season that the circumstances Locker and the Titans faced during the year probably hampered his success.

“I think Jake has done a good job, and he has all the talent to be a fine player. One of the things we have to do is have more consistency around him,” Webster said. “When your offensive line is in flux and you are changing coordinators and doing all those things, and he gets hurt. I don't think that does anything to help a quarterback's development. Jake is doing good and we expect him to be a fine player for us.”

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