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Britt excited about possibilities

The influence of Tom Moore is already evident to the Tennessee Titans receivers.

Kenny Britt says what he expects in Dowell Loggains' offense is "to see the ball more."

Moore worked with Kenny Britt among others in his first day on Thursday, imparting some of the knowledge of his 38 years in coaching to the former first-round pick.

“He showed me how to make a million dollars yesterday. He said, 'Let me show you how to make a million dollars.' Just yesterday in the red zone, he showed me how to run the fade the correct way,” Britt said. “He said have the quarterback tell you where he wants the ball at, whether it's over the shoulder. He really helped me out in the end zone and we weren't even doing red zone yesterday. So he's come in and helped us out a lot.”

Receiver Nate Washington said Moore is a stickler for details on the little things that can make a difference.

“When you've had 30-plus years in any profession, you're gonna know the ins and outs that come along with that profession. Not only has he coached some of the all-time greats, but he has coached every facet of the offense, every position,” Washington said. “He's knowledgeable about things that can help us out. Thus far, he has just been making sure that guys do the little things. I've heard him tell guys to make sure they get up after falling and make sure that they are finishing. He's told me as a receiver that as I turn around to make sure I turn around with my hands up, waiting for the ball to come and not be lazy.

“I'm pretty sure eventually he'll get more what's expected out of our game plans, but now he's just getting some of simplistic parts of the game. It's just helpful reminders.”

The receivers are not only happy with the advice from Moore, but perhaps even more so with the switch to Dowell Loggains as offensive coordinator.

As for how the offense will change from Palmer to Loggains, Britt said expects “to see the ball more.”

Loggains' offensive philosophy will change from Palmer's complex option route system to have more one-on-one opportunities for the receivers.

“Right now, they're giving everybody the option to run it their own way, the way they feel comfortable running the route,” Britt said. “On certain plays (under Palmer), people were limited to the routes they could run, and they felt comfortable (with).”

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