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McCarthy linked to Miami report

Tennessee Titans rookie linebacker Colin McCarthy had no comment when asked about his name being linked to the report regarding improprieties with the University of Miami football program involving Nevin Shapiro.

McCarthy, a fourth-round pick from Miami, said was not too upset to have his name linked to the report, but said that was not his focus.

“Not really. I guess it is what it is, but my whole thing is I'm here,” said McCarthy as he wore an orange University of Miami t-shirt. “I'm here to get better, here to work. I have a great opportunity here in Tennessee, and that's my focus.”

The Yahoo Sports report on the matter said that McCarthy was involved with Shapiro by being provided food, drinks and entertainment at Shapiro's mansion on multiple occasions. It also said he was involved in pool tournaments for cash at Shapiro's home and that McCarthy was provided VIP access and drinks at nightclubs on at least on occasion.

“I really don't have any comment. I understand whatever is out there, but I'm really just focusing on the season and understanding what I need to do, and just preparing for St. Louis,” McCarthy said.

Fellow rookie Patrick Hill, a fullback from Miami, who is an undrafted free agent, said he did not even know who Shapiro was, and had no idea of infractions involving gifts, nightclub VIP access and strippers going on at Miami.

“I actually have no idea. I've never heard of (Shapiro),” Hill said. “I've been married for three years, so I've been out of the stripper game for awhile. … I didn't have any knowledge of it myself. I have not heard of him and I didn't have anything to do with it. As far as other players, I don't know.

“You go around there and guys don't have flashy cars. They're not out all the time. The last several years, the reputation has been pretty clean cut. If anything like that has been going on, it's news to me.”

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