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Rookies working to get up to speed

The Tennessee Titans rookies took the field for the first time Friday, players such as Kendall Wright, Zach Brown, and Mike Martin had their first dose of what it is like to be an NFL player.

Zach Brown is already learning how different life is in the NFL.

The first taste is just part of what can be an overwhelming process, as the rookies will have ample opportunity to learn what life is like in professional football.

“So much is happening so fast.” Titans coach Mike Munchak said Friday. “I had a nice talk with them last night, they are going to be in town for six or seven weeks, they will have plenty of opportunity to learn and to show us what they can do.”

Tennessee’s coaching staff had a good opportunity to see what they had in their players, the group had weightlifting sessions, meetings with coaches, and some practice earlier Friday morning with another round later on that evening.

“We are looking at what kind of shape they are in, how they are moving, and how they are taking to coaching.” Said Munchak, “The great thing about this weekend is you have about two or three guys per coach, so they have the chance to get a lot of individual attention, it’s a great teaching experience.”

Unlike in years past, the rookies will stay in town for six weeks and will be joined by their veteran teammates beginning Monday.

“They are going to jump into phase two here with the veterans for the next two weeks, then we will get into the OTAs and all of that.” Munchak said, “They are going to be very busy for the next few weeks but they are going to have a chance to learn a lot of football, they are going to get to see how that veterans work by being in the meetings with them and on the field with them, that’s going to be the next phase of their learning experience.”

Brown, a second-round pick from North Carolina, was excited about his first day of practice and film work with new coaches and players, he also expressed how important it is to learn from the veteran players.

“This isn’t college anymore, I’m just trying to take it all in.” said Brown, “There was a lot more going on than I thought. It’s different. The way they ran the drills were different, but we know the routine now, and we can just get in there.

“They are trying to get you caught up with the veterans. Once you get in there with the veterans, there is no slowing down, you are going to have to study and practice with them, you are going to have to live in the playbook and live football.”

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