Warmack, Titans a natural fit

The Tennessee Titans already have a comfortable feeling with first-round pick Chance Warmack, even just one day after drafting the University of Alabama guard.

“It seemed like an old friend was back when he showed up at the complex today,” said Titans general manager Ruston Webster,who made the pick of Warmack on Thursday night. “He sat in the same chair he sat in for our meeting when he came in on his visit.”

Warmack said he was very much at home as a Titan.

“It was like I was coming home. I feel like I'm coming to a super organization. It feels like family to me. They welcomed we with open arms and I'm excited to be here,” Warmack said in meeting the Nashville media on Friday. “Once they called my name and I was going to be playing for the Tennessee Titans, it was a dream come true for me. I'm still trying to take it all in. It's a blessing.”

The Titans considered themselves fortunate to have landed Warmack, who, along with the acquisition of free agent guard Andy Levitre, who will play left guard, will help to solidify an offensive line that was a major trouble spot a year ago.
Warmack said he is eager to learn from Munchak and fellow Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews, who is his offensive line coach.

“I feel I can grow as a player, learning from some of the best guys that have played the position. I'm not saying that because he's right next to me. It's a dream for me to learn from some of the best guys who have played the position,” Warmack said.
It was Warmack's inquisitive nature in their meeting at his private workout for them at Alabama that intrigued Munchak and Matthews.

“When we first met him, he was more interested in what we did when we played that saying look at me on this play. He explained what he was doing, but he asked how would you guys have done that? How would you teach this?” Munchak said. “His approach to the game, when you get a great player, is very similar to what ours what, I don't care what decade you played in. The bottom line is you love what you do, you have a passion for what you do, and you want to come here and be the best you can be, knowing that you can continue to improve. We saw all those traits in him.”

Warmack will move right in at right guard, even though he has played left guard at Alabama for his final two years there.

“I feel like it will be naturally better for me to play right guard. That's what I played coming out of high school and going to college. So going back to that situation will be better for me,” Warmack said.

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