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What team will take a chance on Vince Young?

Now that Vince Young is on his way out with the Tennessee Titans, where might he land in the NFL in 2011?

Many have speculated that VY will have to accept a backup, but given the dearth of quality quarterbacking currently in the NFL, that might not be the case. The enigmatic and inconsistent Young, even with the baggage of immaturity and questionable work habits attached to him, still rates as a better option right now that what several teams finished this season under center with.

The Titans announced Wednesday that they would trade or release Young this off-season. A release seems more likely, since no team is apt to claim a contract that calls for nearly $13 million next season.

Here are a few teams that TitanInsider believes could have at least a conversation as to whether Young could fit into their plans.

Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals post-Kurt Warner QB situation was nothing short of a disaster, as Arizona went through veterans Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson before trying rookies Max Hall and John Skelton. Young would be an instant upgrade over any of them.

Minnesota Vikings: Brett Favre seems to have finally staggered off into the sunset, but the Vikings have very little behind him. The Vikings don't seem to think much of Tarvaris Jackson, who is a free agent, and Joe Webb showed flashes but is very raw. With weapons like Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin already on hand, Young could do much worse than land with the Vikings (or if he signed there, Vykings.

Oakland Raiders: Al Davis loves a reclamation project, especially at quarterback, dating all the way back to when he won two Super Bowls after claiming Jim Plunkett off the scrap heap. Having already busted with JaMarcus Russell, would the Raiders take a chance on another strong-armed QB who is long on talent and short on work ethic?

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers need help on offense, and didn't get it when Andrew Luck elected to stay in college another year at Stanford. Surely, Young couldn't be any worse than what the Panthers have trotted out there the past couple of years with Jake Delhomme in 2009 and Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen this season.

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers need a quarterback to help an offense that otherwise is loaded with young talent like Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore. The Alex Smith/Troy Smith platoon was mediocre, and Young should be better than either of them were in 2010.

Seattle Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck is getting older and more injury prone. Charlie Whitehurst does not appear to be the answer. Surely, Pete Carroll remembers what Young did to his USC team in the 2005 national championship game. MIght be worth a shot.

Houston Texans: OK, Matt Schaub is the starter here, no question about that. But who's to say Young couldn't play for his hometown team in a backup role if no starting job emerges.

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