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Witherspoon will appeal $40,000 fine

Linebacker Will Witherspoon said he will appeal the $40,000 fine levied against him for his hit on Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb in overtime Sunday.

The play, a 15-yard penalty, helped give the Redskins a first down and help them get in position for the game-winning field goal.

“I'm definitely going to appeal that,” Witherspoon said. “I think it's a little excessive for the fact that it wasn't anything really aggressive. If I'd driven him to the ground or something like that, I'd take it and I could understand it.

“I made contact with him, but $40,000 worth, I don't know about that.”

The good news for Witherspoon is that the money won't come out of his check directly, but he can wait until the appeal is heard to pay whatever is levied.

As much as Witherspoon's fine may have excessive, Titans defensive end Jason Babin did not receive a fine from the NFL for his unnecessary roughness penalty that also extended the Redskins game-winning drive in overtime.

Asked about any fine, Babin said, “No, not yet. But it's never too late for them.”

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