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Breakdown: Season analysis and off-season breakdown

  • Before the 2011-12 season began I thought the Titans were an 8-8 team. It was a pleasant surprise that by the end of the season, I thought we should've beat the Colts to go 10-6. I was impressed by Munchak's first yr and look forward to what's to come.

    QB - I thought Hass looked good, when the receivers caught the ball. He also suffered from a lack of a run game. Locker looked really impressive, and I really look forward to our future with him. There really wasn't a need to address this during the off-season. We are so lucky to have 2 QB's that really are decent. Me personally, I would prefer to see Hass start at least the first 5-6 games of the yr, but I wouldn't mind too much of Locker started. With QB's the risk of starting too early is higher than starting late, so delaying Locker's start till after the hard part of the schedule may prove beneficial. With an improved run game, WR corps, and another yr in the system should only be an improvement.

    RB - On a whole the season was a disappointment. The interior of the line was not great, and CJ never hit his stride. Harper and Ringer are more than capable back-ups.....they probably could start on some teams. No need to address this in the off-season. The addition of a better pass game, better QB play, and Hutch in the middle should lead to improvement from last yr. Also, CJ apparently has been very inspiring during camps this yr.

    TE - For starters, I love Stevens. For what he does, he does extremely well. Cook really came on towards the end of the yr. I really like our tandem. If Cook continues what he did at the tail end of last yr, he'll be a top fantasy TE next yr. Although not a need, the Titans chose a possible TE in Thompson later in the draft. I don't forsee him as a major impact next yr, but there is potential there.

    WR - Britt was very good until he tore his ACL. Washington had a great yr. Williams and Hawkins were ok, but could've been better. Although not the greatest off-season need, the Titans chose a WR with their first draft pick. Kendall Wright almost certainly makes the offense more explosive and more consistent (with addition of another solid receiving threat). Britt should be back for the upcoming season, but to what degree? Will he be 70%? 80%? 100%? What is nice is that between Wright, Washington, Cook, and the rest, Britt can be brought up to speed as tolerated. Overall good things are expect of this unit as a whole.

    T - Roos and Stewart are about as good of a tandem as there is. There wasn't any problems with the tackle play from last yr. Pass protection was stellar and run block was as good as normal. There wasn't a need to address this during the off-season. No reason to expect that the tackle play shouldn't be just as good as it has been next yr.

    G/C - Publically criticized by Munchak during the season. Scott was good in pass pro, but the run blocking was not there. Hutchinson has been brought on board to replace him. So one of the guard spots should be sewn shut temporarily. Harris got better by season's end and as long as he returns next yr with the same form the other guard spot should be decent. Amano was not great. The Titans brought in a bunch of veterans for conversations, but weren't able to sign any of them. Why were they brought in? Because we need a center. So we chose the center at the that was at the top of our own draft board right? Not so fast. They passed over Konz (who is a ready made pro-bowl center) to choose more of a project OLB in the 2nd round of the draft. Hmmm....puzzling. Amano probably will start again and should benefit from improved guard play......well, keep your fingers crossed anyway.

    Overall: The season performed adequately. The running game certainly could've been better. There were too many drops from the WR's. I was surprised to see the head coach publicly criticize the interior of the o-line (a unit that he knows better than anyone) but then address the needs there half-heartedly during the off-season. They quickly signed Hutch which is a very good patch.....but temporary since he is getting older. The certainly thought center was a position of concern....hence why they brought in a multitude of veterans as possible replacements. But if it was enough to bring in a multitude of guys and offer them the job, why not sign one of them. They have also come out and said that Peter Konz (C out of Wisconsin) was their #1 center in the draft. They even had him graded as a first/second rounder. There he sat in the middle of round 2, and they passed on him. They also passed on a bunch of centers throughout the draft. Thank goodness our HC is a former HOF o-lineman and fantastic former o-line coach....if anyone can find the direction it's him.

    Prognosis: Kendrall Wright and Britt should make this offense more explosive and consistent. The running game should improve as a result. In almost every aspect the offense should be improved.....the question is how much?

    Off-season 2013: There shouldn't be a major change at any position except G/C. They almost certainly have to groom a replacement for Hutch. The 2012 season should also be a good barometer to determine what to do with the center position as well. Is Amano the answer? Matthews? Velasco? Vlachos? They may very well be forced to deal with a situation in 2013 that should've been shorn up in 2012.

  • Great stuff, BlueRaider22. I would add the safety position to your off-season 2013 list, if the Titans don't resign Griffin.

  • Job well done, BlueRaider22. clap

    247Sports: Your team all the time.

  • Couldn't agree with you more, BlueRaider22.

    PapaTitan keeps it real.

  • Yeah, I went entirely offense on this one. I'll try to drum up a defense soon. Then perhaps an upcoming season breakdown/prognosis.