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Dizzy bat race concludes camp

  • TerryMc13

    After last season's end-of-training-camp ritual, Coach Jeff Fisher made sure the 2010 rookie class had it a bit easier on Thursday.
    Yes, the rookies were still subjected to the dizzy bat race, where they put their nose on the knob of a baseball bat and are spun around until they are dizzy. They were soaked in water, ice, Gatorade and tape, but unlike last year, there was no baby powder, mustard or another other condiments.
    Defensive tackle Jovan Haye was seen with a jar of relish, a can of soup and some cheese sauce among other things, but didn't get to use it to haze the rookie class.
    “They substituted tape for various condiments from the cafeteria. We put an end to that, we ran out of ketchup and mustard for the team last year,” Titans coach Jeff Fisher said. “Camp was good, we traditionally finish up like this, it’s a good little exercise for the rookies.”|
    “I was a little sticky with all the Gatorade and water and stuff,” rookie receiver Damian Williams said. “I actually heard that it wasn't as bad on us as it was the year before.”
    When it was over, receiver Nate Washington even grabbed a bucket filled with ice and headed toward injured rookie running back Stafon Johnson, who was on crutches after his gruesome ankle injury against Seattle.
    Washington gave the look and the inclination that he was going to douse Johnson, but said he never had any intentions, only that he wanted to include the injured rookie in the fun.
    “I just didn't want him to feel left out. I've been that guy before that's been hurt, standing on the side and watching everybody else have fun, and nobody really paying attention to you anymore,” Washington said. “So I just wanted to make sure he knew we didn't forget about him. I wasn't going to do anything. I wasn't going to pour any ice on him. The last thing I wanted to do was get that cast wet; I'd get in trouble.”

    TitanInsider: Any closer and you'd be in the huddle.

  • I feel like the chemistry of the team this year is a lot better than last year... I just see players on the sideline and in practice just having more fun than the seemed to last year.