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"Hard Knocks" Titans style?

  • DarrenMcFarland

    It seems like the reality sports documentary "Hard Knocks" on HBO continues to gain more and more popularity each season with the fans. But, it looks as though the real story is how much attention it's starting to garner in the locker rooms with the players.

    "It's a good, entertaining show, even though they might be showing off a little bit for the cameras," Bo Scaife said. He went on to say, "that it would be cool to do it for notoriety. We have a good group of guys, and they're very entertaining. It's something that the public would enjoy."

    Second year wide receiver, Kenny Britt said that he's just watched it a few times and doesn't like the part when players get cut and shown the door. He did say that he would be in favor of the Titans doing it, but only if he got paid. Then, he began to laugh out loud.

    Star running back, Chris Johnson said that he watches "Hard Knocks" but it's not a big deal to him. When asked if he would like to see this organization participate in it someday, CJ said, "I think it would be something I probably would like for the Titans to be on. I like the camera and things like that. So I wouldn't mind." When talking about some of the previous shows, he added, "Those guys [TO and Ochocinco], they're pretty much entertainers, and it would help with exposure and help get Nashville out there even more."

    The show seems to be picking up steam every year, especially with the Jets this season. It has been marred, however, with some controversy stemming from former head coach Tony Dungy's comments about Rex Ryan's profanity.

    The rumor is, the Titans were approached a couple of years back and turned it down. I did talk to one Titan who said that he watches but would not be in favor of them doing the show. Linebacker Stephen Tulloch called having cameras around camp all the time "a distraction."

    Personally, I would like to see it happen, but I don't think it ever will under the Jeff Fisher regime.

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