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Heimerdinger seeks consistency from VY

  • TerryMc13

    Watching Vince Young through the eyes of Mike Heimeringer, there is one thing the offensive coordinator wants to see more than anything else tonight against the Arizona Cardinals – and any other time for that matter.


    As much as 2,000-yard Chris Johnson makes the offense go, for the Titans to reach their full potential on offense, Heimerdinger wants Young to be crystal clear in his decision-making.

    “We've got the good runner, but for an offense to be good, your quarterback has to play good and make good decisions. So we'll see as we go through preseason,” Heimerdinger said.

    Heimerdinger saw a glimpse of that on the first drive at Seattle, as Young was razor sharp, completing 5-of-5 passes and engineering a 79-yard touchdown march.

    But on the second series, Young threw an ill-advised pass that was intercepted by the Seahawks' Josh Wilson.

    “If he does what he did on the first drive [we'll be fine],” Heimerdinger said. “Guys made plays and we protected him well. The second drive was potentially more than that, but we've got to make good decisions.”
    To Young's credit, his maturity is showing both on the field and in the locker room. He has learned to acknowledge mistakes, like the interception, and shrug it off much more easily than he did a couple of years ago.

    But from a physical standpoint, Young on occasion has reverted back to bad habits with his footwork, and, as with the interception, makes a confounding decision with the football. It's part of the learning process at the NFL level, and something Heimerdinger wants him to strive for.

    “He has to become accurate in his throwing and consistent in his decision making, and he has to be consistent when it's not there in running and using his athletic ability,” Heimerdinger said.

    As for his part, Young knows the offense he controls has the potential to be explosive.

    “It's big. I feel like we can do some things. We've just got to continue working and getting better and better,” Young said.

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