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High Praise for two of our draft picks

  • CorchBlue

    Very interesting article about the "Rogue Scout"'s views on some of the draftees.

    He is what he says about Locker:

    "[Brett] Favre went in the second round, right? If you look at their college stats, Favre and Locker are practically identical. Now look at this play: Tell me this guy doesn’t move like Favre, scramble like Favre, throw like Favre. Pretend he has the number four on his jersey. His release is a lot like Favre, too."

    And also this:

    "My first exposure to Locker, watching a game on TV, I did not like what I saw. He threw errant passes and wasn’t very accurate. But then I saw the tape and realized it’s not him. He had more drops [by receivers] than anyone in the Pac-10, and he was running for his life – his line was probably the worst in the conference. And he still made plays with the game on the line. The guy’s a winner."

    And this is what he says about Jurrell Casey (our third round pick):

    "There’s a defensive tackle at USC named Jurrell Casey, and he’s the protypical nose [tackle],” Razzano said. “He’s like another Michael Carter, who we got in the fifth round in San Francisco – one of the all-time steals. I see he’s rated as the ninth-best defensive tackle. If they do a [mock] re-draft in a few years, he’ll be a top-seven pick"

    And this:

    "Watch him split the double-team here,” Razzano said as Casey burst between the Bears’ center and left guard. “Look at that nasty explosiveness. I’m telling you, it’s [like the Pittsburgh Steelers’] Casey Hampton. He has short-area quickness and enough of a motor to satisfy me. You have to realize, defensive linemen don’t all have great work ethic. That’s why they’re big. But [Jurrell Casey’s] a naturally explosive guy, and they’re hard to find."


    Scout takes pride in 'rogue' label - NFL - Ya

    Much to the chagrin of others, Dave Razzano is not afraid to tell it like it is when he's evaluating talent. - National Football League news

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