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Private messaging is now live

  • We just released our first version of private messaging so here's a quick tutorial for everyone.

    1. You will see an Inbox link at the top of the page next to your logged in user name (you must be logged in to see private messages).

    2. You will see a message icon next to a person’s avatar on the boards (envelop with an orange arrow pointing to it).

    Some of the other functions of private messaging.

    1. Registered user may send a message to one user at a time. Subscribers can send to 10 others for a total of 11 people in the conversation.

    2. Users may create a private message by: a) Clicking the icon next to a user’s name on the boards and b) by going to the inbox, clicking new message and typing in the user name (begin typing, then a dropdown will give you auto-populated results based on the typing to choose from)

    3. Users may block users from private messaging them (hit block in the message, or ignore on the boards)

    4. You may add photos/links/youtube video to your private messages just like on boards

    5. View sent items in a sent folder

    6. Notification of new messages in header. The Inbox link at the top will have a number next to it if there are new messages.

    Remember this is the first version so there will be tweaks and more features.

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