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Should Bud give Munchak another year?

  • Yes or No

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  • Yes

    I am not impressed, but you've got to give a guy at least three years, IMO.

  • No.......We've seen absolutely nothing from him that would even remotely resemble any indication that he is the right guy for the job. He's the Titans version of Derek Dooley. Most thought Dooley at least needed a third year, we saw how that turned out. Munchak has shown nothing, he can't even establish an identity for this team. Everyone on the team is totally lost on game day and he has shown he can't do the most important job required of a head coach. He's managed to yield arguably the worst team in Titans history (not to mention one of the worst defenses in NFL history). If we kept him, next year would be more of the same.

    I don't buy that he "just needs new coordinators to become a good head coach" argument. That's usually what they say about a bad head coach. A good head coach overrides inefficiencies at the coordinator positions. And, at the very least, we would see something from this team that would show us Munchak's (positive) influence. Instead we are seeing games that we've lost by halftime with regularity.

    Bud chose the path of least resistance when he hired Munchak, it was the easiest thing to do. They need to conduct a real search, and hire the best guy for the job. A previous tenure as an Oiler need not be required. I understand they were doing a favor for a good guy who paid his dues in the organization, but they went with the cheapest and easiest route; that kind of let's me know a little bit about the organizations desire to win. Does that sound like the approach that a team would take in order to win a Super Bowl? We are currently seeing why going with the cheapest and easiest decision at head coach is obviously not the right approach.

    Having said all of that, I would be shocked if Bud actually went another direction. And they thought t.v. ratings and attendance were low this year.........

  • I'm torn.

    It's hard to really tell whether or not Munch is decent. Poor OC, insanely young defensive talent, questionable DC, and a front office that does not get you what you every possible thing to succeed.

    Munch openly criticized the interior o-line last yr. He said that the entire interior of the line needed to be revamped and restructured. The front office signed Hutch only......and didn't do anything else. We had one of the worst pass rushes in the league last the front office let go out best pass rusher and then signed Wimbley. Granted Wimbley is an upgrade, but it would've been nice to keep Jones around. So we didn't fix the pass rush, surely we kept the secondary strong????? Nope, let Finn go.

    It's like hiring a plumber on a job site, but then telling him that he has to work with a eyepatch over one eye, one arm tied behind his back, and no measuring tape.

  • There has to be an upgrade out there that wants to coach for Bud next year for him to fire Munchak.Pretty silly to end up with a re-tread just to make a change. Belechick was fired in cleveland.Munch has to get better at game management.Hire a guy for in game knowlege of situations.Its been done before.Munch seems to trust his coaches.Hire some you can trust. Bud threw a wrench into all free agent prep last year. Owners own,coaches coach,and players play. In well run organizations everyone knows their jobs.Let them do it! Webster has done pretty well in the draft. On the flip side,there are going to be some pretty good coaches on the market this week coming up. We need a new D coach who is prepared to stop the Texans and Andrew Luck. If Bud is actually going to hinge his decision on if Munch can beat a 2 win team with 3rd string o-lineman,then this organization is in really bad shape.