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Statistical problems...

  • Titans rank 30th in the league in rushing.

    Hasselbeck has had a pretty good year imo... but 16/14 TD/INT ratio. Bright note he's only been sacked 16 times.

    CJ avg 4.0 ypc and has 986 yards. 1000 yards isn't impressive anymore. For a guy of his talent and contract that's awful. Whether you want to blame CJ the Oline or playcalling that's not enough. He's a guy that needs 14-1500 yards rushing for this team to be effective.

    Top 3 tacklers on this team are defensive backs. I think that speaks for itself.

    Sack leader is 7.0 and that's Klug. Which is remarkable for a DT, but we need better production from the edge.

    Leader in interceptions is 2.

    Bright note we've forced 15 fumbles and recovered 11.

    And had we beat the winless at the time Colts we could be in the drivers seat for the last wild card spot.

  • ndtitan, thanks for sharing.

    The Titans being 30th in the league in rushing is totally unacceptable. Hasselbeck has had a good year. The future is bright with Locker. We do need more production from the defensive line. Jones, Ball and Hayes have been decent while Morgan has flashed some. Getting off the field on third down and forcing more turnovers has to be a focus for Gray heading into 2012. Yeah, losing to the winless at the time Colts really stinks.

    PapaTitan keeps it real.