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Titans Draft and FA Thoughts

  • This is just my ruminations/opinions/predictions about this year. But if I was GM of the Titans, this is what I would do:

    Free Agents:
    DE Mario Williams
    C Scott Wells

    1st Round - David DeCastro, OG - Stanford

    -We have close to 30 million in cap space, and that is plenty to sign both Williams and Wells. Wells has made it known that he would love to come back to his home town in Nashville, which would be a HUGE upgrade over Amano at Center. It is no secret that our interior offensive line was hot garbage last year. That as it is, I would see us signing Wells, moving Amano to left guard (where he did very well when he played between Roos and Mawae), and then draft DeCastro to play right guard (where he played in college) from day 1. We let Jake Scott walk in free agency with the obvious upgrades. A line with Roos-Amano-Wells-DeCastro-Stewart would arguably be the best line in the NFL and get us on the fast track to running the ball better with CJ. This would make us a truly dangerous offensive team in 2012-13.

    -If we sign Mario Williams, our pass rush problems are over. Period. We have three DE's that are free agents this year, but I believe with Williams, Morgan, and signing back 2 of the 3 FA's, we will have a formidable pass rush next year. We have terrific young talent at the DT and LB position. I can't emphasize how rare it is that a 27 y/o who is possibly the #1 4-3 DE is a free agent in his prime. In the NFL, this simply does not happen, as these guys are locked up before their contracts are up. We MUST take advantage of this, especially since it will be a zero-sum move against the Texans. If we do not at least get into the race for him, I will lose faith in the Titans front office. Not to do so is inexcusable, and shows a substantial lack of intelligence and/or will to become better as a franchise.

    -We can go after good LB, CB, and S talent in rounds 2 through 7, possibly adding another WR and OT prospect along the way.

    -Lastly, I just want to say that the Titans as a team are not that far away from being a REALLY GOOD if not GREAT team with the pieces we have right now. We have young and proven CB's, great young D-lineman, Pro-Bowl level tackles on the o-line, a good QB with a possibly great one waiting in the wings, a potentially good/great running game, and a bona fide #1 WR in Britt along with good #2 and #3 WR's in Nasty Nate Washington and Damien Williams. ALL of the pieces are there, combined with the moves above, to make the Titans a contender next year.

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    Started at the bottom, now we here.....better get used to it.

  • Good take, AUHeismanTrust. I like the idea of adding Wells a lot. In your opinion, is DeCastro a can't miss prospect?

  • David DeCastro is an absolute beast, and beyond Matt Kalil, the only other "can't miss" offensive lineman in the draft this year. Since Tackles, especially Left Tackles, are valued greater than guards, it artificially moves DeCastro down the board. Make no mistake, he is probably the 2nd-most complete offensive line prospect in this years draft. Some might argue that his OG Cordy Glenn is right there with him, but I watched Glenn play several times for UGA last year, and did not come away impressed.

    I have been thinking OG DeCastro, S Barron (if available), DB Kirkpatrick (if available), or DE Mercilus for the first round pick. However, today Kiper and McShay came out with their 3rd mock drafts, and both have the Titans taking DeCastro. I think he is one the few "can't miss", "starts from day 1" guys in the entire draft.

    But don't take my word for it, watch his highlights below:

    David DeCastro NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Seas

    The following is a video of David DeCastros 2010 season in which TMB broke down three of his games (Notre Dame, Oregon and Virginia Tech). No copyright is m...
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    Started at the bottom, now we here.....better get used to it.

  • Wow, that's some impressive tape on DeCastro. I just don't see the Titans going offensive line in the first round. I think they need to tackle the defensive side in the round and then look to add a guard in the 2nd or 3rd round.