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Titans Ranked #23 on ESPN's Future Rankings

  • ESPN Insider gathered analysts and make a 2015 Power Rankings based on five categories: Roster, QB, Draft, Front Office, and Coaching. The Titans are ranked #23 which comes to no surprise considering the lact of respect the Titans get on a daily basis but there are many reasons these Rankings are flawed.

    Here is the power rankings list:

    1. Green Bay Packers

    2. New England Patriots

    3. New York Giants

    4. San Francisco 49ers

    5. Pittsburgh Steelers

    6. Detroit Lions

    7. Philadelphia Eagles

    8. New Orleans Saints

    9. Houston Texans

    10. Baltimore Ravens

    11. Cincinnati Bengals

    12. Carolina Panthers

    13. Atlanta Falcons

    14. Dallas Cowboys

    15. San Diego Chargers

    16. New York Jets

    17. Chicago Bears

    18. Denver Broncos

    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    20. Washington Redskins

    21. Seattle Seahawks

    22. Buffalo Bills

    23. Tennessee Titans

    24. St. Louis Rams

    25. Kansas City Chiefs

    26. Arizona Cardinals

    27. Indianapolis Colts

    28. Miami Dolphins

    29. Oakland Raiders

    30. Jacksonville Jaguars

    31. Minnesota Vikings

    32. Cleveland Browns

    Where should I begin? Let's just start at the top. I agree with the Packers being #1. They do have the best quarterback in the NFL, and are one of the most iconic franchises in the NFL. They will continue to put talent around Rodgers and that team will compete for Super Bowl for years to come.

    #2 is where things get interesting. We all know that the Patriots window is closing so what on Earth makes these analysts think in 2015 the Patriots will be the second best team in the NFL? By 2015 Brady will be 38 years old and starting to lose his abilities. Let's not forget the 2009 and 2010 seasons when the Patriots were eliminated in the first round. I see that and much worse in their future.

    The Giants as #3 is overrated, but I do think the Giants will still be up there maybe as #8 or #9. The 49ers as #4 don't come as much of a surprise, but #5 on the other hand is ESPN showing no creativity once again. The Pittsburgh Steelers will not be the fifth best team in the NFL period. Unless the Steelers find an overwhelming amount of defensive talent in the upcoming drafts they will continue to slide. I've never been a fan of Ben Roethlisberger, and I really don't think he will be able to continue to lead the Steelers offense.

    The Lions, Eagles, Saints, and Texans are exactly where they should be. However, The Ravens being #10 is slightly overrated. We don't know what their defense is going to look like in three years.

    The Panthers and Bengals are slightly underrated. I would push both of them in the top 10. The Falcons are just right, but could sneak into the Top 10 if they live up to expectations.

    The Chicago Bears are very underrated at #17. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are still very young and will lead this Bears' team for years. The defense is older and questionable, but I still would have liked the Bears in the Top 10.

    The Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, and Washington Redskins are fine where they are because we don't know how good they will be, but have a recent history of disappointing seasons, but they could be sleepers.

    The Tennessee Titans as #23. It's not a mystery that the Titans get no respect when it comes to anything ESPN or NFL Network does. They're a small market team and hard to get a read on from the outside. But it's frustrating to hear the crap these networks put out. I can't wait for our team to shut them up.

    The Indianapolis Colts will be better than the 27th team in the NFL. It may hurt some of you to hear that, but we all know it's true, so let's not beat around the bush.

    The rest of the teams I don't have a problem with them because they have too many question marks surrounding them. This is the reason I don't buy ESPN Insider and why I never will. When they run out of ideas they put crap like this out to keep the consumer happy.

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  • Yeah, I saw that too.

    PapaTitan keeps it real.

  • I think you have to focus on the 5 criteria mentioned. When you do the rankings seem rather appropriate.

    -Packers - outstanding talent, great QB, SB winning HC, fantastic front office, etc
    -Patriots - same. they had an outstanding draft as well. and they lost in the playoffs last yr b/c their defense was not stellar......hence their really good draft of defensive players
    -Giants - may be overrated as a team, but you can't deny the top 5 criteria.....and they get top marks in all of it

    On down to the Titans:
    1. Roster - We have a good team, but we aren't don't really have a lot of star talent. Outside of CJ, Stewart, and Roos we really don't have a ton of standout guys. Britt was emerging perhaps, but now he's coming off major surgery.

    2. QB - I think we have 2 decent QB's, but they're by no means top 10 in the league......yet.

    3. Draft - I like all the guys we got, but we really didn't address our major needs much at all.

    4. Front Office - Let's face it we have an average front office for the most part.....and I'm including ownership in there as well. Webster is very inexperienced and unproven as well. He could be very good....or not.

    5. Coaching - Munchak looked decent and probably overachieved in his first yr, but at the end of the day he is a first time HC.

    In all I think we are right where we should be placed on this list. If the list were to focus on where we should be considered as a team when the season starts or by the end I would put is in the 15-20 range.....but that's not what they are ranking here.