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Truth about Sunday

  • There is a reason I love NFL network. As I watched the game sunday, I was convinced that we were being outcoached. The kickoff was the first sign but as the game went on, it became apparent that this was happening on all levels.

    I laugh at some of the so called fans, analyst, and media at there so called genius notions of what really happened. I saw the Steelers go outside the box in terms of not stopping CJ the Great but going at Vince Young. Complete gameplanning to take him out the game but also shutting Johnson down as well. Vince Young payed the price for the lack of gameplanning. He got the benching but anybody with 2 eyes who has watched a year or more of football could see what really was going on.


    Oddly they titled this "How Steelers Contained VY".

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  • I fully believe that the Steelers thought they could stop CJ wihtout having a spy or doing anything special. The Steelers have been great against the run this past decade. They are used to stopping great running backs they do it all the time. Had CJ started to tear them up I'm sure they would have changed the game plan but VY played into there hand. And they did it all without their big beast in the middle Casey Hampton. Crazy to think how good their defense could be with him in there.

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